Well it’s that time of year again, people are dieting, vowing to do more exercise and giving up smoking. But what has it all been leading to? The 14th February. The day that lovers become exclusive, marriages reignite that spark and everyone else goes on the prowl to actively seek that special someone… Or in our case, sit in and watch one of our favourite sci-fi movies!

The most us sci-fi geeks can hope for, is to experience ‘personal relationship growth’ with Milla Jovovich, Sigourney Weaver or Chris Pratt – whatever your flavour.

So with these healthy and happy thoughts in mind we here at The Eighty-Sixth Floor thought we would give you guys a run down of the 10 Best Science Fiction Romances – In no particular order.

Scully and Mulder – The X Files 

giphy (4)You cannot have a science fiction romance countdown without the king and queen of will-they-won’t-they. Watch painfully as Scully carelessly deflects every single come-on that Mulder attempts over the entire 9 seasons of the X-Files. Everyone’s favourite sceptic goes head-to-head with a conspiracy theorist, day in and day out, to put the age-old theory of ‘opposites attract’ to the test. Throw in some aliens and a creepy theme tune and you have yourself some of the best petty arguments and told-you-so faces the sci-fi genre has ever seen!

For two people whose sole purpose is to find the truth, it sure took them a frustratingly long time to be true to themselves. Maybe we were right when we said that opposites attract, or maybe no one else would go out with them because they thought they were a bit weird. Can you blame them? However, nothing is more gratifying than releasing a whole 9 seasons worth of sexual tension as we finally watch in astonishment the will-they-won’t-they turn to… well, you know.


Neo and Trinity – The Matrix

giphy (3)

Before there was 50 Shades of Grey there was another dysfunctional, bondage-inspired relationship equipped with more leather than you could shake a stick at…that of Trinity and Neo.

A love challenged by some of the worst living conditions a science fiction movie has ever seen! Not to mention the complete lack of privacy of any kind, and the impending extinction of the human race as we know it. Despite all this, and the increasing work pressures that Neo faces (being ‘The One’ and all), he and Trinity embark on a wondrous relationship based on self belief.

Although they win the award for the most badass couple on this list, Neo and Trinity might also win the award for the most intense. I can’t help but wonder exactly why they are in love? I dont see them share a fun or even slightly light-hearted moment the entire time. They are that couple that nobody wants to get stuck with at a house party. “Yeah I know Neo, you’ve told me all this before, we are slaves blah blah blah You’re ‘The One’ blah blah blah GOD’S SAKE!”

Zoe and Wash – Firefly


What can be said about Zoe and Wash? As rhetorical as that question is I am finding myself wondering what is worth saying. And then I remember how that’s the reason we love them! They aren’t the most exciting of couples, but they are probably the most realistic depiction of a happily married couple on TV. Zoe and Wash’s love for each other rivals even that of The Jetsons in the popular TV series Firefly.

Alongside this beautiful and witty story of unrivaled relationship stability comes the story of a chick that kicks more ass than any other space cowboy there has ever been, being married to a lovable buffoon and the complications that accompany such a situation. Awwwwwwwwwww.


Gwen Stacey and Peter Parker – The Amazing Spider Man *Spoiler Alert*

giphy (2)

An onscreen romance that can overcome a thousand problems other than one… spinal injury. Spinal injury that resulted in death… really Sony?

I think we all know that the recent Peter Parker – Gwen Stacy pairing in the new The Amazing Spiderman series was blow-your-mind brilliant. The on-screen chemistry from the real life couple is so far unbeaten in terms of believability and charisma. The couple’s innocent, humorous and playfully romantic scenes are ones that have aroused excitement in men everywhere, leaving them thinking “Why can’t I have a super intelligent scientist girlfriend thats totally down with my superhero abilities even if it means she might die? And I want that wrapped in the packaging of Emma Stone please?”

Probably the one science-fiction superhero movie where the male viewers look forward to the romantic bits. ‘Spideys fighting crime…yada yada yada… Spideys facing his inner demons… boring boring boring… Electro is creating some dubstep whilst terrorising New York cities power source…blah blah blah… Spidey and Gwen Stacey are kissing in a cupboard! Shhh this sh*t just got real!’

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark – The Hunger Games

giphy (1)

Before you say anything, hear me out. I never said this was a countdown of the most successful relationships in the science fiction world did I? No one ever said love was easy. In fact many of the great poets and philosophers describe love as one fantastic pain in the ass. However I’m not sure even Plato could have predicted this crushingly sorry state of affairs!

No one tells a more excruciating tale of unrequited love than that of Katniss and Peeta in The Hunger Games. It’s as painful as it is cringe worthy, as we watch a super attractive girl slowly destroy a sweet and slightly nerdy boy’s self-esteem, confidence and soul. Watch how Katniss picks him up and drops him as and when she pleases, whilst Peeta has repeated emotional breakdowns. All the while Katniss constantly battles to keep Peeta alive for reasons unknown. I think I speak for us all when I say, let him die, he wants to die, alleviate him of his miserable existence where the person he cares about and loves is a sociopathic tease!

 Fry and Leela – Futurama


The ultimate example of successfully ‘punching-above-your-weight’ is presented here, in one of the most confusing relationships in science-fiction history! This is the on-screen romance that has you scratching your head and saying “Why Leela?” For starters she just way too… competent for this moron. Not to mention fit.

Fry and Leela’s relationship in Futurama just shows that despite the fact that someone may be a far better human (or non-human) being than you in every way, if you wear them down enough, they will eventually succumb. Or this story is a tragic one full of domestic entrapment where two people are forced to stay together for the sake of the kids. Or in this case an alcohol-dependent robot named Bender.


Han Solo and Princess Leia – Star Wars


‘A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… It is a period of civil war. Rebel Spaceships, Striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil galactic empire’…and also a totally awesome love story is about to begin!

Its the age old story of boy meets girl, boy and girl flirt, girl passionately kisses own brother, girl falls in love with boy, boy takes down galactic empire. You know the drill. It’s a story of a bromance bordering on beastiality and a love that can withstand a thousand complications including that of incest. As if that isn’t enough this story unfolds in front of the infamous backdrop of evil empires, intergalactic space travel, Jedi Knights and Siths. Does it get much better than that? Yes it does, the boy is Harrison Ford and he is delivering witty lines throughout.

Marty Mcfly & his Mum – Back to the Future

marty mcfly

For fear of this article turning into ‘The Most Incestuous Moments in Sci-Fi’ I will make this one brief. But I couldn’t make this list without mentioning the elephant in the room. So yeah… this is kinda *clears throat*… awkward, but, put simply, this romance story is simply one of ‘mother has hots for own offspring’.

Watch in terror as Marty Mcfly tries viciously to bat away the sexual advances of his own mother! What’s worrying is that Marty never seems to suffer any lasting psychological damage as a result of the traumatic experience. Perhaps more troubling however is that at no point does his mother question the fact that she raised a son who looks identical to a past love interest! Surely she would have realised. And surely when she did she would have some very warped ideas of where babies come from.

Captain Kirk and Everyone – Star Trek

If your perception of James T. Kirk is that he spends his days flitting around space with a lover in every corner then you would be right. We all know the Captain isn’t particularly ‘choosy’ when it comes to romancing, but his boyish good looks served him well in his quest to attempt to pick up every green skinned chick in the universe!

Kirk is such a playboy he has earned recognition for this amongst trekkies resulting in the ‘Captain Baby Daddy’ viral joke. This consists of pregnant, female Star Trek cosplayers holding up a sign saying ‘Kirk Was Here’.

But no woman was as important to him than the woman who, no matter what he did, he could not shake, the woman who was always there for him, the woman whom he had a deep and lasting connection with, and that woman’s name was ‘The Enterprise’.

Tony Stark and Tony Stark – Iron Man

We all love the Iron Man films, and if it isn’t for the action, the witty backchat and of course the science fiction style hologram technology, it’s for the beautiful romance that unfolds throughout. The trilogy shows a growing flame between Tony Stark and his beautiful personal assistant Pepper Potts. Or does it? The relationship between Pepper Potts and the man behind the iron is a love challenged by a much deeper and much less complex love. This is that of Tony Stark and himself.

As sci-fi lovers there are but a few that we would forgive for such blind arrogance, a questionable knowledge of the laws of physics and becoming the only superhero to ever suffer from alcoholism… but we do forgive Tony Stark.