We are absolutely astounded to see that we’ve managed to reach 50,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel, and it’s all thanks to you! On this day last year,we were marking 5000 subscribers so it’s just incredible to see how much we’ve grown. Each and every person we’ve filmed with at a convention or outside of one has made this possible – from the bottom of our hearts; thank you.

To celebrate, we’ve put together a supercut of moments from our Spring/Summer convention tour. From MCM London to AnimeCon in the Netherlands, we’ve travelled far and wide meeting amazing cosplayers and wonderful people and we are so thankful for this community every single day.

We’ve got lots of exciting projects planned for the Autumn, from dedicated CMVs (including Ladybug, Spiderverse and others) to more convention adventures, we hope that you continue with us on this exciting adventure! Thank you!

The song is “Let’s Do This” by Shibuya Sunrise which you can listen to on Spotify here:

All of the cosplayers featured are tagged in the comments below – if we’ve missed someone, please let us know so we can tag them immediately!

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Rascal Rabbit –

Luminara Cosplay & Art –

Linny L’a Vante –

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Ickle Cosplay –

StarKey Studios –

Jamie Coatsworth –

Amazonian Cosplay –

Kerrit Cosplay –

Maromy Macaron –

Graceless –

Electrospectrum –

MattEleven –

LittleGeeky –

MoonLily Cosplay –

Jinxy Dragon Cosplay –

Tearastar Cosplay –

Loki Cosplay Mon-Kushi –

Ezra Cosplay –

Atraasha Cosplay –

Artcore Cosplay –

Rose&Prince –

Shiaya Costumes –

Seamripper Cosplay –

OhMyEggs –

Windsock –

LunaHope –

B4-the-Infection –

Peredhil Cosplay –

Jupiter Lightning –

Kialna –

Wilddd Cosplay –

Kjedoran –

Katya Cosplay –

Gathering Storm –

SEG Cosplay –

Nunally Cosplay –

Sender Cosplay –

Zihark Cosplay –

Team Chaos –

Lucky Lama –

Butthead & Pastry –

Megatron Cosplay –

Catbutt Cosplay –

Nereide –

Non-Stop Props –

Redelice –

Twisted Sisters –

Libs –

CosplayClement –

NooKills –

No Heroes Cosplay -

Olympia Cosplay –

Gwithian Evans –

WrathKnight –

Elzahchan –

Eleayne –

Salome –

Ste_J_Cosplay –

Elf Mystical Cosplay –

Neko Pro Cosplay –

Kalseru –

Truly Madly Harley –

Trainer Steevee –

Arktior Cosplay –

Proximus Cosplay -

Surmire Cosplay –