Are you a fan of zombies? Of course you are! Who isn’t? Zombies have come a long way since Romero’s original ‘Dawn of the Dead’, they’ve learnt to run (28 Days Later), speak French (Les Revenants) and procreate (Braindead)! We’ve gathered together the best themes from the best Zombie soundtracks and packaged them into one awesome undead album for you.

 #Zombie – The Zombie Anthems Collection is available to buy from Google Play here.

 Includes over 20 undead classics from the theme from ‘The Walking Dead’ to the ‘Dead Island’ preview theme, no zombie goes unturned. This is the soundtrack to YOUR zombie apocalypse.

 When the first zombie breaks through the door you will have your soundtrack ready!

Think of your favourite zombie film/TV show/game and we’ve probably got a track from it on here!

Listen to the album and you might even discover some new favourites!

Available on Amazon MP3 and Google Play.