About Us


The Eighty Sixth Floor is the home of soundtracks for the passionate fan.  Whether your passion is for Anime, Gaming, the far reaches of Science Fiction or the epic scope of fantasy movies, we’ll have something for you.

The Eighty Sixth Floor was founded to reflect our love of these genres and to collate and compile our favourite music from those films. We’re building a series of albums that collect and collate our favourite music from a wide range of genres.

Where possible we use the original scores, where the pieces are not available or not of sufficient quality we commission new recordings. We love the music we produce and we’d love to hear your suggestions for more tracks or music that we could provide to keen fans.

Where should I start?

Our catalogue is big and growing fast – so we have divided our website into several easy ‘zones’ to allow fans to find their favourite music. The zones will feature all albums, tweets and blog posts that relate to the music you’re interested in.

Alternatively you can run through all of our titles from the menu on our front page.

The Zones can be categorised as:

Anime and Games
Our Anime and Games compilations will take you from ruined undersea cities to the edges of space in a single playlist. Featuring The Evolved and Anime Kei’s unique cover versions of tracks from some of our favourite games and Anime of all time. Check out our Respawn or Anime Stars series for a quick introduction.

Fantasy and Horror
Fantasy and Horror films have never been as popular! And with an increase in the popularity of the genres at the cinema has seen a growth in the complexity and variety of scores. Our fantasy and horror collections cover tracks from Harry Potter to The Walking Dead and encompass some of the most exciting film music on the planet right now.

Science Fiction and Superheroes
Our science fiction and superhero collections compile tracks from some of the biggest films ever. From Iron Man 3 to The Book of Eli our collection will satisfy soundtrack fans who want to experience the depths of deep space or the wonder of believing a man can fly!

Adaption and Widescreen
For serious cinema and drama fans, our Widescreen and Adaption collection bring together some of the most interesting and complex film scores ever compiled. Our quarterly Auteur range collects tracks from the greatest indie films of the last three months, and our TV and period cinema collections collects tracks from some of the greatest dramas ever made.

Our music isn’t available on physical formats at the moment, but it’s something we’re looking into for the future.

How can I find out about your latest releases?

Our monthly newsletter details all of our latest releases and can be received by signing up for it here.

For real time updates, and special offers you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Our bloggers also have specific Twitter accounts where they talk about specific genres and titles – you can follow them here:

Can I use your music on my YouTube Video?

Absolutely – yes!

We love it when people are passionate about our music and add it to their videos, if you can provide a credit to us – we would appreciate it a lot.

Please let us know if you use our music and we’ll try  and feature it on our Blog / Twitter and Facebook pages. We love collaboration!

Can I send you my Demo / Myspace Page?

If you create work in any of the genres we currently work in – we’d love to hear your music whether it’s cover versions or original work. We’re unable to provide individual critiques and responses to work but we really like to hear it! So please feel free to share.

Who is the artist on the Anime Stars Covers?

Our Anime Stars covers and created by the super talented Emily – you can see more of her fantastic work here: