If you’re an anime fan, then of course Attack on Titan will need no introduction. The breakout hit of 2014, it’s the franchise that has already launched a thousand cosplays, but what we loved most about this tale of string-swinging humans vs insatiable giants was its epic theme music.

‘A Beautiful, Cruel World’ is the first closing theme from the series, a powerful ballad that really gets to the essence of the struggles and hopes of Eren Jaegar, Mikasa Ackerman, and the Survey Corps members who fight alongside them for the fate of humanity.

Taking inspiration from Yoko Hikasa’s original version ‘Utsukushiki Zankokuna Sekai’, this is a rocked up version that captures the adrenaline, as well as the emotional turmoil, of the series. Its epic strings, distorted guitars and incredible English-language vocals (performed by the incredible Mariatu Conteh) make for a heart-racing listen.

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‘A Beautiful, Cruel World’ is available now on Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify.