This is the second in our quarterly Auteur series, which celebrates the greatest in recent innovative movies – from big budget to small independent pictures. This collection focuses primarily on the work of a number of exceptional film composers to bring you an eclectic mix of brilliant soundtracks.

This art house films compilation begins with the opening theme from Jeff Nichols’ Mud and goes on to  the best and most memorable music from recent outstanding, unmissable soundtracks. Beautiful classical pieces from Dans La Maison and Stoker are included, as well as more upbeat tracks from Almodavar’s I’m So Excited. Dramatic, tension-building music from recent innovative action thrillers are also featured, such as Alexandre Desplat’s ‘Flight to the Compound’ from Zero Dark Thirty, Rick Smith’s ‘Ballet Cut’ from Trance and Cliff Martinez’s ‘Wanna Fight’ from Only God Forgives.

Ultimately this collection is a celebration of the music of truly great movies! Follow us on Twitter (@86thFloor) and Facebook to suggest films and music you would like to see on our next edition!