2015 has been a very good year for KPop with great new band debuts and old favourites surprising us with more tunes and new sounds. Though it was hard to pick, here are 15 of  some of our favourites.


1.EXO – Lightsaber

Because we’re big nerds, we obviously had to start with the Star Wars themed song. Featuring one of Korea’s most popular bands, EXO and Star Wars collaborated for the release of The Force Awakens creating this incredibly catchy electronic vocal song. Make sure you listen out for those iconic Star Wars sounds!

  1. f(x) – 4 Walls

After the departure of one of their members, SM Entertainment’s now four-piece girl band f(x) came back strong with UK Garage/House style single 4 Walls. If you want an interesting and more experimental take on pop music, f(x) is the band for you and with 4 Walls, their accompanying album of the same name will not disappoint.

  1. BTS – Dope

There’s no doubt that Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS for short) are one of the leading bands on the KPop scene. Loved internationally for their incredible performances, self-composed music and distinct personalities, ‘Dope’ is one of their most popular singles to date. Please DO stick to your day jobs, boys!

  1. 4 Minute – Crazy

A band that has been around since 2009 and are still going strong, 4 Minute made a huge impact in the KPop scene when they came back with their single ‘Crazy’. A unique hook-heavy song with the visually impactful video to match, these girls are working hard and aren’t going anywhere soon.

  1. Big Bang – Bang Bang Bang

Another veteran group, Big Bang are arguably one of the biggest bands in the KPop game both in Korea and Internationally, selling out two (that’s right two) Wembley stadium concerts in London in 2012 and bringing out hit after hit. After a year break in 2014, the 5 piece came back strong with a collection of singles and videos that made huge waves in the community.

  1. Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb

Five member girl group Red Velvet only debuted in August last year but have already become a well established group. Bringing out both mature and upbeat concepts, Dumb Dumb certainly shows the latter with quirky visuals, unique choreography and a catchy chorus.

  1. Seventeen – Mansae

Another new band on the list, thirteen member group Seventeen (this can be a little confusing I know) debuted only in May this year and have already released two popular singles and albums. The group are known for having most of the creative input in their projects from composing to choreography and with an average age of seventeen, you can’t help but be impressed!

  1. Mamamoo – Um Oh Ah Yeh

Known well for their outstanding vocal ability and loveable personalities, Mamamoo are a four-piece girl group with a unique sound in the KPop world. The band focuses on a more jazzy, old school music style and Um Oh Ah Yeh really showcases this band’s talent.

  1. Vixx – Chained Up

With the reputation as the ‘concept’ band, Vixx certainly surprised us with this one! Having already showed us vampires, voodoo, robots even Jekyll and Hyde, Chained Up is a different direction combined with the dark concept we know and love from this group.

  1. EXID – Ah Yeah

After the huge success of their 2014 hit Up & Down, 5-piece girl band EXID returned with Ah Yeah, an equally catchy tune with an equally provocative dance. What is interesting to note in this is their message and commentary on censorship, especially after the ban of their last choreography in Korean performances.

  1. Infinite – Bad

Starting with an intense string section, Infinite’s latest comeback ‘Bad’ certainly caught our attention not only musically but visually too. The seven member band have an instantly recognisable sound, combining unique vocal tones with electronic and acoustic elements. Not to mention great dancing!

  1. 9Muses – Hurt Locker 

Undeniably a perfect summer hit, nine member girl band (it’s not so confusing this time) 9Muses truly caught the attention of the KPop scene with this catchy and well performed single. This is simply a great pop song.


  1.  GOT7 – Just Right 

Another band with the correct number of members included in their name, GOT7 tell us that we’re just right the way we are. Accompanied by a quirky, cheery, hook-filled pop song with a colourful video to match, Just Right is the perfect pick me up for the troubled teen. Just someone please tell me why is BamBam wearing gloves?!?!

  1. Twice – Ooh Aah 

Hailing from the same company as GOT7, Twice are the newest addition to the JYP family and made a huge first impression. Catchy music, unique outfits, zombies (yeah that’s right, zombies), the perfect amount of humour and probably one of the best dance breaks of this year, Twice’s Ooh Aah definitely deserve a place on this list.

  1.  IKON – Rhythm Ta

New YG Entertainment band IKON made a huge impression this year. With rapper Bobby already winning Korean reality rap show ‘Show Me The Money 3’ before the band even debuted, we knew we would be in for something special. Rhythm Ta is the perfect show of the band’s hip hop style and attitude.