Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s ‘Apocalypse’ DLC is coming to PS3 and PC later this month.


Activision have confirmed the release date for PS3 and PC players as September 26. Xbox 360 players were able to download the ‘Apocalypse’ a whole month before PS3 and PC users.

Pricing for PS3 and PC has yet to be confirmed. The DLC is currently available to buy on Xbox 360 for £10.20. If you’re a season pass holder the download is free.

The new maps for the multiplayer are ‘Pod’, ‘Frost’, ‘Takeoff’ and ‘Dig’. The new Zombies mode is titled ‘Origins’. It’s been teased as the  “deepest zombies experience to date.” Origins is set in a Diesel Punk -Styled version of France during World War 1.

‘Pod’ is set amongst a collection of dilapidated residential pods in Taiwan. ‘Frost’ as the name suggests is a snowy map styled on a european town. ‘Takeoff’ and ‘Dig’, meanwhile, are adaptations of the ‘Stadium’ and ‘Courtyard’ maps from Black Ops and World at War respectively.

The game has also been supported with a number of personalisation packs, enabling players to unlock new weapon skins and aiming reticles.

Black Ops 2 is available on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC.