Forget about Friday and Saturdays nights out- it’s all about the Sunday nights in with this weekends brilliant TV lineup! Just before the fabulous Mr Selfridge at 9pm, the BBC airs their first of a six part comedy based on P.G. Woodhouse’s stories at 6.30pm. Blanding‘s boasts a star studded cast (including Timothy Spall and Jennifer Saunders!) and a very amusing storyline. After a few gloomy episodes of Downton Abbey this lighthearted period drama could be exactly what the Butler ordered.

Set in 1929 the story centers around Lord Emsworth (Timothy Spall), an ‘upper-class buffoon,’ who lives in Blandings Castle with his family and ‘The Empress’- his pet pig! Spall described his character as “a knowing idiot…all he really cares about are his roses and his pig. However, a menagerie of forces keeps stopping him getting to his roses and talking to his pig.”

We can reveal that the “menagerie of forces” include the Lord’s nagging sister (Jennifer Saunders) and his niece’s (Alice Orr Ewing) inappropriate love affair with an ex-cowboy (James Norton). Watch the Trailer and let us know your thoughts below: