Do you love reliving your favorite films?!

Celebrate the greatest movies of the last epic cinematic year with this compilation of the very best films and soundtracks of 2013.

With this years awards ceremonies looming we have looked back on last years Oscar favorites from the brilliantly dramatic Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, to the visually outstanding Life of Pi and Gravity. 

This 21-track  beautiful orchestral collection allows you to relive a fantastic year of  films and soundtracks from all different genres. Hard-hitting epics such as 12 Years A Slave and Lincoln are featured along side the drama of Les Miserables, Prisoners and Thor: The Dark World and sci-fi favorites such as Elysium, Pacific Rim and Prometheus and many more. This eclectic collection rounds up of the best pictures of the last year!

The album also includes pieces from some of the best soundtrack composers of our day such as Hans Zimmer’s brilliant piece from Rush, Alexandre Desplat’s orchestral music from Argo and Cliff Martinez’s unusual and eerie score from Only God Forgives.

Download your copy of this great album on iTunes today and reminisce over last year films just in time for the new Oscar season!