When we first started, we wanted to channel the spirit of the pop culture that we love, and for Osh the obvious starting point was Doc Savage.

A precursor to Superman, Doc Savage (the man of Bronze) was a sensation in the pulp magazines of the 1930 as well as inspiring Superman, Indiana Jones, and thousands more. Doc’s secret headquarters were based in the 86th Floor of the Empire State Building so when we were setting up our own geek HQ, we thought we’d pay homage! Our real life HQ is actually on the ground floor, which tends to disappoint visitors.

Doc’s legacy is alive and well in current comics and cinema. Doc has had one movie of his own the 1975 George Pal movie, that is not generally well regarded. But the tone is huge fun and the score was a lasting influence on Osh’s childhood. You can now watch it on Amazon video on demand, while it may not be the best introduction to the Man of Bronze it’ still a lot of fun!