If you thought The Walking Dead was all violence and gore then you’d only be half right. The incredible love for the show is based on the deep character stories and relationships which we have seen grow over three seasons. Unfortunately sometimes the less action packed moments never make it to the TV screen.

A philosophical discussion between Beth and Carl about death and the afterlife never made it to our screens but luckily enough AMC have released it for us to enjoy now. Check it out below:

Carl’s questions about the afterlife present a rare glimpse into his psyche and show that under that big sheriff’s hat and exterior hardness he is still a child trying to cope with very adult questions and situations.

We really enjoyed this scene and wish it had made into the series. You can enjoy other deleted scenes like this on The Walking Dead Season Three DVD or Blu Ray available from Amazon now.

 The Walking Dead returns Sun., Oct. 13 at 9/8c on AMC.