As well as our convention videos, we often get the chance to film a longer segment with individual cosplayers. Often we’ll bond over a shared love of a particular franchise or will be so blown away by a particular costume that we have to create something centred around that costume.

These extended cosplay showcases allow us to pay tribute to, and celebrate our love for some of our favourite properties. You can see some of these showcase videos here:

Tales from the Borderland; Keep On Swinging – A narrative driven video filmed in the wild badlands of Devon, with some amazing and incredibly hardworking cosplayers.

Life is Strange; A Photo Of You – Working with Seamripper Cosplay and Blueshift Creations we shot this video to pay tribute to the incredible game by Square Enix. We would love to have travelled to Arcadia Bay but had to settle for Bournemouth for this shoot!

The Miraculous Ladybug triology – Working with Luminara Cosplay and Rascal Rabbit cosplay, we’ve been showing our love for the wonderful Zagg series in these affectionate tributes.

We’re working on more videos inspired by our favourite franchises and cosplayers at the moment, so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube to find out when new ones are uploaded!