Since 2014 we’ve been creating Cosplay Music Video at conventions across the UK (and now Europe) inspired by video creators such as Sneaky Zebra and Beatdown Boogie. We never fail to be amazed by the creativity and positivity of the international convention community and hope this is reflected in our videos.

This year alone we’ve created six convention videos highlighting some of the amazing work European cosplayers do, and we’ve got plenty more cons across Europe coming up in our schedule! You can see our con playlist here, and please subscribe to be notified whenever we upload a new one.

If you’d like to be filmed for one of our videos, the very easiest way is to find us at one of the conventions we attend. Our current schedule is here, and we’re constantly updating it.

If you’d like to message us before a con to tell us about your plans, we’d love to hear but may not always be able to adhere due to a strict schedule.

If you want to know where we are at a con, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where we update with our whereabouts throughout the day.

And finally, if you do see us at a con and would like to be filmed, please come and say hello! We may not always be able to film you due to either time constraints or video tone, but we will try out very hardest to fit you in!