Ever since we started The 86th Floor, geek and niche culture have been at the heart of what we do. Nowhere is geek culture more alive than at conventions and in the world of cosplay. We feel that cosplayers have brought a new energy and vibrance to the convention scene and we want to celebrate that. Cosplayers constantly astound us combining a deep love of the original source material with a creativity that never fails to wow us.

The sheer energy and joy we feel at each convention we attend is why we started The 86th Floor: Cosplay & Cons channel. Dedicated to working with some of the most creative and talented fans we know, we’ve been creating videos that highlight cosplay and pay tribute to our very favourite pop culture.

From 2017 onwards, we’re committed to celebrating the world of cosplay and convention culture. We’re constantly working to create videos that showcase the amazing cosplay we see at conventions across the UK and Europe. These videos are created as a celebration of cosplay for the cosplayers and as an introduction to this amazing world for people who have yet to venture into the world of conventions. You can view our convention videos here – we’re very proud of having worked with so many amazing people and we hope you enjoy them.

As part of our convention video filming, we’ve had the opportunity to travel to a lot of European conventions, and we’ve constantly been amazed by how warm and welcoming the international community is. We’re hoping to build on our travels this year, so make sure you subscribe to our Facebook page to find out where we’re going to be and when!