Rumours have been flying round that Orlando Bloom could be the next Batman.


 The Daily Express have labelled Bloom a “hot favourite” for the role of Batman in the upcoming Superman Vs. Batman film. The Warner Bros movie was announced during the San Diego Comic-Con International in July. Henry Cavill will retain the role of Superman in the film. Bloom’s no stranger to playing the hero as his turn in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise proved, however Bloom’s goodhearted pirate is a world away from the dark world of Batman.

Christian Bale has denied he would take up the role of Batman again after putting down his bat mask after the end of the Dark Knight trilogy. However he may be reconsidering his decision as the studios are keen for him to return. It seems that Warner Bros. are pushing for an older Batman.


However Orlando Bloom doesn’t just face competition from Bale, Scott Adkins is also reportedly auditioning for the part.

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We’re not sure who we want to play Batman yet. We’ve heard that Josh Brolin might be in the running and we think he could pull of a gritty Batman but then again Bale did do a great job with the Dark Knight Trilogy. We’re not sure if Bloom has that internal fire that makes Batman such a great dark hero. Who would you like to see take up the Batman mantle ? Let us know in the comments below, or alternatively send us a tweet @86thfloor ! If you’re feeling extra friendly why not drop by our Facebook Page and let us know your thoughts there.

Superman Vs. Batman has an anticipated release date of Summer 2015.