Re-live the best in crime drama with this criminally brilliant mix of all the best soundtracks from the best in crime drama!

Featuring tracks from ‘True Detective’ ‘The Wire’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ the Criminal Elements Album will keep you mesmerised for hours. Whether you’re fighting crime, investigating a murder or just trying to track down the kernel of popcorn you just dropped down the side of the sofa (only us on that one?), Criminal Elements will set the mood for a day filled with mystery and intrigue.

This unique, 21-track collection includes brand new versions of everything from classic, jazzy crime drama tracks to suspense building orchestral pieces, all of which will leave you wondering: Who killed Laura Palmer? (Clue: Wallander did it).

Criminal Elements: 21 New and Classic Themes from the Best TV Dramas is available on Spotify now.

It would be a crime not to buy it.