David Morrissey has expressed his delight to be appearing in season four of The Walking Dead which will be returning to our screen this autumn.

Morrissey was speaking to Digital Spy about his new BBC drama The Field of Blood when he revealed his feelings about the Governor and the fourth series of The Walking Dead.

“I think the way the show is set up is… no-one is safe, so whenever the episodes get delivered, we’re all very nervous about reading it,” said Morrissey.

“It’s always a tense thing – each episode, all the cast members are like… ‘(Gasp) Are we going to be here next week?’ and I like that. I think that’s what’s good about the show – it has this frisson with its audience that no-one is safe,” he explained.

“I was surprised but also delighted [to make it to season four] – I love the show, I love being in the US, so it’s a pretty great ride.”

We were surprised at the end of season three of the Walking Dead when the Governor survived to fight another day. As fans of the graphic novel we had expected the Governor to meet his demise at the hands of his followers after a failed assault on the prison, however AMC switched it up with the Governor taking his rage out on his followers and then driving off with his seconds in command. We’re worried about what he’s been getting up to while he’s been away from our screens, plotting to kill Michonne, Rick and the other survivors must definitely be at the top of his list.


What do you think the Governors been doing with his time ? What do you want to see from his character when season four of The Walking Dead returns ? Let us know in the comments below ! We love talking about The Walking Dead !

The Walking Dead returns Sunday 13th October on AMC.