Dead Space 3 is the latest installment in EA and Visceral Game’s sci-fi survival horror third person shooter. Not out until the 8th February 2013, Xbox Live users were given the chance to play a demo.

For those of you who haven’t played any of the Dead Space series yet, the story focuses on our hero and main protagonist Isaac Clarke a ship systems engineer. Throughout the series he has had to battle creepy monsters called ‘Necromorphs’, which are basically reanimated corpses with some freaky mutations. The game is played in an over-the-shoulder perspective, providing an excellently intense playing experience as you get to take in all the wonderful graphics as well as the jump-out-of-your-seat moments that are usually the characteristics of a first person shooter.

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In Dead Space 3 you have to option to create and upgrade your weapons with bits and pieces you find lying on the ground all over the game. We didn’t bother testing this part of the demo out, preferring instead to get straight to the action. For those of you who love customisation this game looks sure to please.

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As the demo begins you wake up after crash landing on an icy planet called Tau Volantis. You are told to seek shelter as your health is precarious and the harsh winds and cold aren’t doing you any good. After a tedious walk picking up health packs, and figuring out what all the buttons do you’ll be greeted by a monster. This is where the game gets good. The snow graphics and landscape look amazing but as much as we appreciate the depth of these graphics, we wanted to get straight to the action.

And action you get ! Out of the snow blizzard comes a spider shaped mutation monster. In a panic, all buttons were pushed in a desperate attempt to kill the monster. This is where we found possibly our favourite bit of the game. You’re equipped with a gun, but pressing the right trigger your character delivers an almighty stomp, which sends your enemy’s blood squirting and can dismember limbs. Not as effective as the gun but way more fun !

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We spent the rest of the demo stomping and shooting our way through the creepy Necromorphs. Another cool feature is the ability to shoot a freezing ray which stops your enemy dead in its tracks for a few moments. Handy when you’re getting overrun or need to reload.

All in all, we found the Dead Space 3 demo to be scary and exciting, and a lot of fun. If you enjoy third person shooter games then you’ll definitely enjoy this. The graphics are great and the enemies ability to grab you with tentacles or reanimate a corpse definitely keep you on your toes and your fingers on the trigger button. Just don’t play it on your own in the dark. We played it together in a brightly lit office and still got creeped out by the atmospheric music and monsters who jump out at you from NOWHERE !

We’re looking forward to the games full release on the 8th of February.

Pros : Stomping Button
Cons : Quicktime Sequences
Anticipation Factor : 8 Stomps out of 10


Reviewer : Kate

Gaming Level : Intermediate

Playing Style : Push all the buttons at once

Favourite Game : Call of Duty Black Ops/Mario Kart