MCM Comic Con is always amazing with celebrity guests, panels, art stalls and geek events but what brings us back every year are the cosplayers and their amazing portrayals of our favourite characters. This October was no different and whats better than reliving them to cure your post con blues.

Real Life Katniss Everdeen!

Starbit Cosplay looks just like Jennifer Lawrence as the Mockingjay don’t you think?

Timbersaw from Dota 2.

This massive and amazing build is by the talented TanakhT cosplay.

It’s the Scooby gang. 

With RossECobb Cosplay as Fred,  Sootydragon Cosplay as Daphne and Diamonds & Scars as Shaggy. YOINKS!

DC Vs Marvel.

Is Batman is worthy of Mjolnir? Apparently so…and Thor isn’t happy.

Squirrel Girl.

Aw nuts!!! Amy makes the cutest Squirrel Girl!

Female Joker.

Little Lioness re-creating The Killing Joke cover.

Kindred from League of Legends.

Myst Props & Cosplay and Make Me Cosplay look amazing as the characters from the popular MMO.

Tiny Tina from Borderlands. 

Mary from Mary & Feinobi Cosplay makes the perfect unstable explosives expert. “Make it RAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!”

Lego Batman and Robin.

Scott and James giving us some awesome Beastie Boys moves.

The Titan Walk.

Its canon guys.


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