Are you potty about Pond ? Dotty about Donna ? Mad for Martha ? Or simply restless for Rose ? Journey into the amazing world of Doctor Who and his companions in this brilliant instrumental album. Doctor Who is a major British Television series enjoyed all around the world and is now ready to be enjoyed on your ipod !

Enjoy this excellent five track compilation featuring the Doctor Who TV theme and companions themes from the past seven series. Let the Doctor Who theme evoke memories of hiding behind cushions and your heart speeding up in time with the Tardis’s siren call ! Listen to Amy Pond’s theme as it mirrors Amy’s journey full of childish wonder and awe as she explores the universe with the Doctor. Donna’s theme will have you fondly remembering Catherine Tate’s hilarious turn as one of the Doctor’s most comic companions. Martha’s theme is full of mystery and tinged with sadness echoing her unrequited love for the Doctor. And who could forget Rose, the original and possibly favourite companion of the Doctor Who series relaunch, Rose’s theme reflects the touching relationship she shared with the Doctor with a beautifully tender and uplifting soundscape.

This album is now available for you to download on iTunes, so please do and tell us your reactions and favourite tracks. Which track stands out for you ? Tweet and Facebook your approval !

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