Finally Downton Abbey is back to spice up our Sunday nights!

The first episode of the fourth series aired last night in the UK. As the much loved theme tune and opening credits began at 9 o’clock, you couldn’t help but feel all warm inside! However, as upstairs and downstairs bustled about outraged over the sudden disappearance of Miss O’Brien, it soon became apparent that the sour-faced lady’s maid was not the only thing missing. Apart from the odd inspired quip from the brilliant Lady Grantham, the mourning of Matthew Crawley and the mystery surrounding a few Valentines cards the episode soon became quite tedious.

On the plus side, now that we have entered the 1920’s the outfits are better than ever. Our favourite was Edith’s green number she wore for her ‘grown-up’ dinner with Michael Gregson. No wonder he can’t wait to whisk her off to Germany where he can finally divorce his wife and be with Edith! Edna Braithwaite’s return to the household as the new Lady’s maid caused a few ripples downstairs and up as Mrs Hughes struggled to find a reasonable explanation to get rid of the flirtatious maid. All we can say is we hope she stays away from Branson this time!

Mary is still struggling with the loss of Matthew and can’t quite seem to embrace being a new mum to George, who was referred to as ‘the little prince’! We hope she snaps out of it soon, we love a bit of sour Mary but she was positively lifeless this episode!

Overall it wasn’t a bad episode, just a little too full of clunky expositions and not enough drama for our taste. Thank God for Maggie Smith who was the episodes saving grace. Let’s hope Julian Fellowes has more excitement lined up for us in the following episodes and Downton Abbey has not lost its fabulous charm!

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