Spoiler Alert!! 

Downton’s long awaited Christmas Special a Shocking tear-jerker? …maybe not. Unfortunately the lack of Dan Stevens’ (Matthew Crawley) name on the well- publicized cast list for the next series slightly dampened the shock factor for this years second Downton death. A troubled marriage in Scotland,  three quickly failing romances and a trip to the fair did little to make up for this in the drawn out two hour episode.

Despite this, however, Julian Fellow’s has set up some promising new characters and storylines for the next series. The Downton Dynamic will be completely shaken up after Matthew’s tragic death as his son becomes the new heir at barely a day old. The other new arrival at the Abbey, Cousin Rose, comes with the promise  of much scandal and intrigue judging by the illicit affairs and clear disregard for authority we have seen from her already. This provides the hope we will see more comedy in series 4 and less of the gloom and death that has stalked the latest series. Rumor has it there may be also be an injection of fresh faces downstairs. So with so much to look forward it could be shaping up to be the best season yet!