You’d have to have been living under a rock recently to have missed the fact that Game of Thrones was returning for a fourth series. At the Eighty Sixth Floor we’ve been massive fans ever since the first season and we’re glad to report the show has come back as strong as ever.

Due to the nature of the show – adapted from an ongoing book series and the fact that many people around the UK haven’t seen it yet,  we’re not going to go into plot and spoilers. However, we would recommend that any Game of Thrones fans view it as quickly as possible.

The show came back with a tightly plotted episode that managed to update us on events in Westeros and moved the plot on. There were uniformly excellent performances throughout and each member of the cast was given a chance to shine.

For us, Oberyn Martell’s debut stole the show, and his scenes with Tyrion Lannister were amazing – we cannot wait to see his progress through the rest of the series.  Jaime Lannister and The Hound and Arya also provided some excellent scenes, and the brief sight of Joffery’s newly commissioned statue to celebrate his supposed win at the Blackwater raised a few laughs. If we have one complaint – it’s the fact the Charles Dance wasn’t in it enough. We would quite happily watch a stand alone Tywin Lannister show all day long!

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