All good stories have to start somewhere, and when it comes to adventure video gaming, that story begins way back in the 1980s. From ‘The Bard’s Tale’ to ‘Metal Gear Solid V’, this is your musical guide through the best adventure and RPG games of the last 30 years. Bringing together themes from just about every console ever, this unique collection is perfect for anyone who can’t help but get lost in a really great story.

Part of our ‘Games Evolution’ series, the ‘Adventure’ album includes tracks from 80s classics ‘The Legend of Zelda’ and ‘Final Fantasy’, right through to more recent franchises including ‘Batman: Arkham City’, and of course ‘The Last of Us’. Not only tracking the development of the genre, but the development of gaming music in general, listening to ‘Games Evolution: Adventure’ will take you back to those first 8-Bit tunes that got you hooked to your consoles, before wowing you with the incredible orchestral arrangements that make up modern video gaming music.

‘Games Evolution: Adventure’ is out now via iTunes and Spotify.