We all love a good weepie here at the Eighty Sixth Floor, so we thought we’d create an album that collected some of our favourite themes from heartbreaking movies across the years.

After compiling our initial list we realised it was going to be a series of albums as there are too many classic themes for just one album!

The first volume in our new series “Heartbreakers – Tearkjerking Classics” collects 11 soundtracks from across the decades and is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Play now.

The album contains our cover versions of themes from some of the greatest tearjerkers of all time including ‘ The Notebook’, ‘Black Beauty’, ‘The Champ’, ‘Love Story’, ‘Stepmom’ and ‘Homeward Bound’.

If you can make it through watching those films without getting sweaty eyes – we salute you!

Heartbreakers Volume 1  is available on iTunesAmazonSpotify and Google Play now.