If you had to pin down the most important years in gaming, then it seems fair to suggest that 1986 might just be on your shortlist. We met some legendary characters for the first time, as well as getting to grips with the awesome Sega Master System. Relive those incredible childhood memories with The Eighty Sixth Floor’s epic soundtrack collection, I Played 1986, available to stream and download now.

It was in that glorious year that we first got our hands on ‘The Legend of Zelda’, a game that would come to define the childhoods of millions. We fought side by side with Link as he struggled through dungeons and forests in his quest to save the princess.

Link wasn’t the only hero we met, though. We also got the first iconic appearance of Samus Aran, indisputably one of the most bad-ass heroes in gaming, as well as ‘Wonder Boy’, ‘Alex Kidd’, and everyone’s favourite child labourer, ‘Paper Boy’.

Listen to brand new recreations of the theme songs from these amazing games, available together for the first time on I Played 1986.

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