If you know your MMOBAs from your MMORPGs, then you’ll love our latest project – Respawn Rocks! We’re taking your favourite musical themes from the best online games around, and whipping them up into some truly epic rock re-interpretations.

First up is the brilliant Main Theme from the DOTA 2 original soundtrack. The game’s stirring Menu Theme is the perfect hype song for the epic clashes that ensue, as you stand in defense of your long-besieged Ancient. This incredible new version by HeroPoint, with the super-talented Tom McCarthy on guitar, is available now on Amazon, Google Play and Spotify. Check out the video below:

Next up is our rock guitar version of the League of Legends Main Theme. Once again featuring incredible fretwork from HeroPoint’s Tom McCarthy, this cover emphasizes the triumphant main melody, while also throwing a bit of shredding into the mix.

And rounding off our MMO-inspired triumvirate of awesome is our rock cover version of the awesome ‘Let’s Go’ from Counterstrike. Combining the best things about FPS and MMO gaming, CounterStrike has been a massive fan favourite for several years, and when it comes to the most recent soundtrack, it doesn’t get much more awesome than ‘Let’s Go’.

Once again HeroPoint are behind this excellent rock interpretation, and you can see Tom McCarthy from the band play through his riffs and solos in the video below.

You can purchase full versions of each of these tracks from Amazon and Google Play. Or, alternatively, why not listen on Spotify?