Last August we journeyed down to Devon to pay tribute to one of our favourite games, Tales from the Borderlands, and after six months, the video is finally live! Check it out here:

Working with an incredible talented group of cosplayers, and with the help of Saunton Beach Villas, we made our way to the incredibly picturesque location of Braunton Burrows and the incredible Saunton Dune for a weekend of filming.

We arrived in blazing sunshine at the tail end of the hottest British summer for years, armed with an elaborate script, a group of enthusiastic cosplayers, and a collection of cell-shaded props, prepared to recreate the desert planet of Pandora across two days of shooting.

However, the weather had other ideas, and within four hours of arriving it started to pour with rain. You can see just how much “fun” this was in the vlog by co-writer and featured cosplayer, Hildaglitz which can be seen on her YouTube channel. This weather managed to write off the entire first day of filming and lead the cast and crew into a bit of a panic, not sure how we were going to be able to squeeze two days of filming into one. After sitting in a soggy tent for two hours, we eventually admitted defeat and retreated to the dry accommodation to rethink our shooting plan.

To our relief, we awoke on the second day to clear skies, so immediately headed out to the dune to cram two days of filming into eight hours. Despite the time restraints and bursts of rain and wind throughout the day, all of the cosplayers and crew rallied magnificently and we managed to film everything on the shot list (even if we did wrap at eight that evening, when the light was at its lowest).

Behind the scenes 1

Behind the scenes 4

We’re so proud of what we managed to achieve, despite all of the obstacles this shoot threw at us. We’re also very excited because this project has given us so many new skills which we’re very excited to be able to use in future CMV projects. Of course, we will never know what the video would have looked like if we had had the luxury of time on our side, but while it’s not perfect, we are happy with what we’ve produced and it has been an incredible learning experience.

Behind the scenes 12


We hope you enjoy the video and cannot say how grateful we are for all of the hard work the cast put in, please go and check out their Facebook pages and give them some support.

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Bandits – Chiara Fulgoni, Ellie Short, Oisin Carr, Electrospectrum, Gabi King, MurderBoy

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The song is Harujuku Nation’s cover of “Keep On Swinging” which you can listen to here:

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