Released in January 2015, Life Is Strange is an episodic adventure and speech option-filled adventure game with a supernatural twist. This series was Dontnod Entertainment’s surprise hit and supported by Square Enix, they gained a lot of recognition in the gaming world not only gathering a lot of fans but also many awards.

So, of course, with a big and passionate fanbase comes a load of fanworks from drawings to cosplay and because so many people connected with Max, Chloe and the many other characters in the series, there’s plenty of fan content to go around.

To celebrate the release of our Life is Strange cosplay video, here are some fan creations that we love!


Max and Chloe in the Morning! – NyxRising Industries
NyxRising Industries are a group of cosplayers who make fantastic fandom centric music videos and comedy sketches. The group have tackled Nightvale, Hannibal, Until Dawn along with their popular sketch ‘Max and Chloe In The Morning’. This cute, vlog-style tribute video is everything a Life is Strange and Pricefield fan needs.


Max and Chloe – MilliganVick
We just love this beautiful game screenshot becau…..wait what? That’s a photo???
MilliganVick’s wonderful photography and editing work really has enhanced Irene and Iris’ already incredible Chloe and Max cosplay, not only nailing the outfits and makeup but also giving us the perfect peek into Chloe’s room.

Be sure to check out the photo on DeviantArt HERE (and see more photos in the series)



Forever – Koethe Koethe
Forever is a track from Koethe’s 12 track Life Is Strange inspired album Time. Opening with some heavily effected guitar, the track follows the game’s acoustic/indie vibe with meaningful and creative lyrics all in an emotional song.


Hella – Chazstity
Tumblr artist Chazstity’s beautiful, painted style portrait of Max Caulfield really brings her character to life, placing the image in a polaroid border to show her photographer side. The lense flares really add something special to the image.

Be sure to check out the original image HERE along with the rest of Chazstity’s beautiful art.



Life Is Strange Cosplay – CMV ~Fallen~ – OliRoux
OliRoux is a popular cosplay channel famous for their humorous cosplay skits. Having ventured into Undertale, Naruto and Yuri On Ice, you can see why they have gained so much popularity. Their Life Is Strange CMV ‘Fallen’ is one of their more serious projects but it certainly is beautiful.


Sketch – Martin Abel Art
This wonderfully stylised sketch by Martin Abel Art really depicts the characters in the game, drawing them in bust form among some extra elements that will please any hardcore Life is Strange fan. Surrounding Max and Chloe in colour as opposed to the muted hues of the supporting characters really brings our favorite protagonists to the forefront.

You can find the image HERE along with the rest of Martin Abel’s Art.



Selfie (Tracks Inspired by Life Is Strange) – Gamer Horizon
Gamer Horizon’s Album “Selfie” truly captures the emotion and vibe of the story we all know and love. With 5 tracks, one for each episode, this album feels as if it has stepped out of the latest indie romance movie, mixing beautiful acoustic elements with atmospheric electronic and soundscape work.


LIS/Undertale – Destiny Smasher
You know we love Undertale here and this crossover art piece of the Life is Strange protagonists in the world of Undertale really caught our attention. A wonderfully colourful drawing in a beautiful style places Chloe and Max in the place of Sans and Papyrus surrounded by some really beautiful florals.

Check out and give the piece a reblog HERE.

Max Caulfield Cosplay – Lie-chee
Combining stunning photography and great cosplay work will always be a match made in heaven and it’s made clear by this picture of Lie-chee’s Max Caulfield. Blue Potion Photography has really caught the cosplayer with beautiful soft light reminiscent of the game itself. Not to mention Lie-chee’s makeup work really helps the resemblance to Max!

Be sure to check out the original post HERE and see more pictures of this cosplay!



Kate Marsh Drawing – pricefieldforlifefield
We’ve had plenty of Max and Chloe, why not let another character shine? Pricefieldforlifefield on Tumblr creates beautifully stylized art and their illustration of Kate really depicts the character well. With sharp, bold lines and wonderful detail, this drawing truly brinks Kate to life.

See the original pic over on Tumblr HERE along with the rest of Hal’s wonderful art.


And of course, don’t forget to check out our latest CMV on YouTube!