The Japanese streaming site Daisuki, which will offer Official Distribution of Japanese anime to overseas users is said to be ‘coming soon’. With little information on the official website apart from a vague ‘Opening Spring 2013!’ message, there seems to be no concrete information about when the site will be up and running.

However a recent interview between Daisuki spokesperson Eri Maruyama and Capsule Computers has provided some more information about how Daisuki will work although there is still no official launch date.

Q. So DAISUKI will be a completely free streaming service?

A. Basically all content (except for some content) will be free. You can register as a user – the membership is free as well.

Q. Is Daisuki trying to compete with other anime streaming services or work with them?

A. DAISUKI’s main purpose is to provide legal content to overseas fans. Our aim is not to earn users exclusively for So as long as they watch Anime on other legal sites we are happy with that. We want to build a good relationship with other legal sites.

The full interview is available here and you can visit Daisuki here