Beyond Perspective Solutions, a Japanese company also known as BPS Co. Ltd have launched a Manga website where users can legally read digital manga in English and Japanese.

The website gives the user the options to translate the manga into different languages. Currently it only features English and Japanese but there are plans to add more languages.

Manga Reborn uses a ‘coin’ system to purchase content. Users can purchase coins in 1,000 coin increments. 1 coin costs about 1 Yen or £0.01 (US). Currently you look at some of the manga on Manga Reborn in English for free. Other mangas cost per chapter, for example New Give My Regards to Black Jack costs 13 coins per chapter whereas O-buchou costs 300 coins per chapter.

The website will also allow users to upload their original stories and illustrations. The website also includes forums for users to discuss manga. The website is currently in its second beta-testing phase, and not all features are functional. It’s hoped that all services will be available by the end of the year.

Check out the website here : Manga Reborn

We think it’s a great idea, we love the fact you can upload your own illustrations and stories. What’s your opinion on it? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page, alternatively you can tweet us @86thfloor !