As any good science-fiction fan will tell you, the sci-fi genre is just about as expansive as the universe itself. It encompasses everything from the battlefields of ‘Pacific Rim’ to the ill-fated discoveries of ‘Prometheus’, the cybernetic terrors of ‘The Terminator’ to the time-travelling brilliance of ‘Doctor Who’.

‘Oblivion and Elysium’ is a 50-track music collection that draws on every aspect of sci-fi movies, television and games, immersing the listener in the sci-fi worlds they love to explore. Including themes from ‘Star Trek’, ‘The Matrix’, ‘Elysium’ and many more, it’s the perfect addition to any sci-fi fan’s collection.

From the triumphant strings of ‘Stargate SG1’s epic theme, through the the iconic piano of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’s ‘Blue Danube Waltz’, there’s plenty here you’ll recognise, and there might even be some you still need to see for yourself! Whatever your vexing habits, ‘Oblivion and Elysium’ will have you gazing longingly at the stars in no time.

‘Oblivion and Elysium: 50 Great Themes from Science-Fiction Movies and Games’ is out now via Google Play, Amazon¬†and Spotify.