We’re now just over the halfway point of the second season of BBC 3’s gripping sci-fi drama Orphan Black. We’re hooked here at the Eighty-Sixth Floor, so we thought we would do a recap of the series so far…


As it Stands, Right Now…


. Ethan Duncan – the forefather of the clone experiment and Rachel’s adopted father – is still alive and in hiding with Siobhan (‘Mrs S’). Sarah has tracked him down and believes he holds the key to finding a cure for the lung condition that is killing the clones. He has revealed to Sarah that Leekie stole Rachel when she was a child in order to help the Dyad Institute. Leekie purposefully started the lab fire which killed Susan and destroyed the clone information.


. Helena, after being arrested in a bar brawl, has returned to the Proletheans and plans to be impregnated with more clones.


. Sarah has rekindled with Cal – a former lover – whilst on the run from the Dyad corporation. Her daughter Kira is currently being looked after by this old flame, who it turns out is Kira’s biological father. Cal is currently hiding Kira in an RV in the middle of nowhere.


. Felix and Art are trying to piece together information from Maggie Chen’s locker to help Sarah in her quest.


. Allison is in rehab and has befriended Sarah’s old boyfriend Vic. Vic has taken up Buddhism and is in a process of self-forgiveness. He has encouraged Alison to confide in him, HOWEVER, unbeknownst to her, he is secretly reporting back to Detective Angela.


. Cosima has accepted a research job at the Dyad institute with her lover, Delphine. However she is now developing the same lung condition which killed some of the other clones. Leekie is treating her but her condition is getting worse.


  Despite the huge cast, not to mention the number of storylines that are developed simultaneously each episode, the second season of Orphan Black is still relatively easy to follow. The      momentum is building and the season finale is almost impossible to predict.

              What Might Happen Next?


. We’re hoping Ethan Duncan will agree to help Sarah and confront Leekie, and we suspect that the Dyad Institute will be thrown into turmoil once this information gets out into the open.


. It looks like Cosima’s condition is going to deteriorate rapidly unless she can find a cure. As one of our favourite characters, losing Cosima would be bad news. She is also the only clone with access to the Dyad Institute and the secrets within it.


. The Ukrainian clone, Helena, may be impregnated with more clones, so it will be interesting to see how this storyline develops. Will they look like Helena and Sarah? How many will there be? orphan-black-kira

How are you finding Orphan Black? Who is your favourite character? Over to you..