To show our love for Mass Effect and in celebration of N7 Day last week, though it was difficult to choose, we’ve put together our 7 favourite memories from the series.

1. Kaidan or Ashley.

Okay so when I say ‘favourite’ I don’t actually mean just the happy memories. Mass Effect is a series full of emotional ups and downs and though character deaths aren’t very fun, some are necessary for the greater good. As painful as it was, you can’t deny that the choice at Virmie was one of the most pivotal points in the Mass Effect story so far.

With Geth threatening to disarm the bomb you just planted, both Kaidan and Ashley are insistent they stay behind to ensure that it detonates. Unfortunately it’s up to you to decide who.

2. Those romances.

You can’t deny that a big part of Bioware’s formula are the romances. Whether you were fond of Alliance Biotic Kaidan, the cute Quarian Tali or more of a Garrus girl to name a few, it was always nice to get to know and spend time with your favorite characters when you weren’t busy shooting things.

3. When you find out that Archangel is Garrus.

2 years after the destruction of the first Normandy and Shepard has been rebuilt after their death. With the invasion of the Collectors, there’s no time to rest and under the orders of human organisation Cerberus, Shepard has to gather a team to try and stop the alien creatures. With an order to retrieve the Turian rebel ‘Archangel’, it is only until we reach him that we realise it is our old friend from the previous game.

4. Mordin’s sacrifice.

Once again, we would be doing the series a discredit if we left out all the sad parts and difficult decisions.  

Years ago, a biological weapon named the Genophage was created to control the Krogan population during their rebellion. Mordin Solus was one of the scientists tasked with the creation of this genetic mutation and though he believes the creation was necessary at the time, when Mass Effect 3 comes around, he knows that he must undo all of his hard work for the benefit of earth’s survival. Mordin sacrifices himself, climbing a burning tower to disperse the cure (unless your Shepard was completely heartless and shot the Salarian before he could make it up…)

It had to be him. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.

5. The suicide mission.

Your mission: To enter the Omega 4 relay and destroy the Collector base. An aptly named mission as no one has ever entered the relay and come back alive.

An action filled and nerve wracking level in which your game choices until now affect the outcome. Whether or not you have gained the trust of your companions, upgraded your ship or assigned the right jobs to each member, your actions can mean life or death for some or all of your team. Not to mention, it is one of the best soundtrack moments of the series.

6. Kai Leng’s death.

This guy seriously won’t leave Shepard alone. Luckily we have the chance to stab him right in the gut and if you do, it is one of the most satisfying kills in the series.

“That was for Thane you son of a bitch”

7. That Citadel DLC ending.

With the Reaper invasion coming to an end, Shepard has one last chance to spend their time with the squadmates and friends who helped with every battle.

A final goodbye to Shepard and the characters we have known and loved for years, it is an emotional moment for every Mass Effect fan and the perfect farewell.

And to finish how every Shepard should…

I should go.

What were your favourite moments?