Based on Dontnod Entertainment’s 2015 episodic video game hit, Life is Strange, Gamer Horizon’s Album “Selfie” truly captures the emotion and vibe of the story we all know and love.

With 5 tracks, one for each episode, this album feels as if it has stepped out of the latest indie romance movie, mixing beautiful acoustic elements with atmospheric electronic and soundscape work.

Episode 1: Chrysalis is a relaxing mix of gentle sounds and chilled guitar accents, all supported by the calm sound of the sea, sonically placing you right in the middle of Arcadia Bay.
Episode 2: Out of Time takes a more melodic route, centered around the plucked strings of an acoustic guitar. This track is the perfect accompaniment to Max and Chloe’s relationship.
Episode 3: Chaos Theory is where the game takes a turn and Max is shown the consequences of her powers. Keep that in mind while listening to this track.
Episode 4: Dark Room keeps the style of the album with guitar and electronic elements but this time with a more melancholy vibe.
Episode 5: Polarized is the perfect track to finish off the album. An emotional, light track as we say goodbye to Max and Chloe.

So why not hit play the next time you work on your Life is Strange cosplay, play the game or just simply want to remember why the story is so special to you.

You can listen to the track on Spotify now! You can also find the album on Amazon and Google Play.