Brought to life in countless adaptations, Jane Austen’s superb romantic drama Sense and Sensibility is now available in a beautiful five track complication. Selecting the most poignant instrumental tracks from the wonderful 2008 BBC television adaptation and the much-loved 1995 Emma Thompson film, ‘Sense and Sensibility’ immerses you in the life and times of those delightful Dashwood daughters as never before.

The opening track will introduce you softly to the wondrous world of wealth and privilege the sisters inhabited before their father’s death. The track, ‘Weep No More, Sad Fountains’, is a classical representation of grief; handled delicately, it offers a sense of sadness and hope. Willoughby’s track, taken from the very succesful 1995 Emma Thompson adaptation, is uplifting and flamboyant, and invites you to dance and twirl. ‘My Father’s Favourite’ is a sombre piano journey studded with uplifting moments of tenderness and love. ‘Not a Beau For Miles’ offers an epic sweeping climax with flutes and piano combining to signify the acceptance and realisation of adulthood and the gift of sense and sensibility that it brings.

This five track album is available to download now on iTunes. Do comment and let us know your thoughts and favourite tracks ! We love hearing your opinions.

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