Our Spiderman Cosplay Music Video – Jackpot is live now! Check it out on YouTube! 

We have always loved shooting with Spidermen cosplayers and have wanted to do a dedicated project with them for a while, but when we talked with the talented cosplayers of Spiderverse UK about doing a dedicated Spiderverse Cosplay video, we never could have imagined that it would turn into such a big project!

30 Spiderverse cosplayers, 4 incredible band members, and one Iron Man, this video literally brought street traffic to a standstill!!

Inspired by the events of Dan Slott’s Spiderverse, the video features Spidermen from across the Marvel Multiverse coming together for a Mary Janes gig. With one awesome girl band and a whole bunch of Spidermen, what could possibly go wrong?!  

Watch the video to find out!

Need more convincing? Check out these behind the scenes stills from the video.

The Mary Janes; NYCs hottest up and coming power pop quartet!

The Mary Janes

Photo courtesy of the Eddie from Food and Cosplay – check out F&C they’re awesome!

Homecoming Spiderman demonstrates his Stark Tech to 616 Universe Spidey.

Homecoming Spiderman meets Marvel Universe Spiderman

A night out with the Gwens!

Those Spider Gwens know how to party (and fight crime)

Who told dad we were having a party?

Iron Man arrives to bring the noise!

Photo courtesy of the Eddie from Food and Cosplay – check out F&C they’re awesome!

Spidey goes crowd surfing!

Spiderman can crowd surf with the best of them!

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