From Ancient worlds to hidden schools of magic, Fantasy movies cover a huge range of themes, times and characters. For this collection of great fantasy themes, we’ve tried to select scores that represent the huge array and diversity of the genre.

When compiling this album, we wanted to make sure we represented as wide a spread as possible – but we always knew Howard Shore’s score for Lord of The Rings would be heavily represented along with the Harry Potter films, the 2 series together, are for many the high point of the fantasy genre.

We also wanted to ensure we included classics of the genre that may have been neglected. The Basil Poledouris’ Love Theme to Conan continues to impress 20 years after the original release, while our present day selections include How To Train Your Dragon – a hugely impressive score nominated for an Academy Award. The film itself along with Game of Thrones gives us a peek at just how far the genre has come and what the future may hold for fans of epic fantasy!

The album is available on iTunes now and we’d love to hear your thoughts, in our comments section or on Facebook.