Well, the long, hot summer looks to be officially over. Fortunately for us TV fans, that means we don’t have to feel guilty about burying ourselves in all the great shows headed our way this Autumn. It can be difficult to know where to start in amongst all the hype that surrounds series new and old in the run up, so we’ve broken things down a bit. Finding your perfect Fall favourites has never been so easy.

Without further ado, here are The Eighty Sixth Floor’s Ones to Watch…

Sarah Paulson as conjoined twins Bette and Dot in AHS:FS

Sarah Paulson as conjoined twins Bette and Dot in AHS:FS

If it takes more than P.T. to scare you

Alright, so there’s probably not much that would scare you if you can get through the recently unveiled Silent Hills teaser game P.T. without leaking some kind of bodily fluid, but there are still plenty of spooky shows to choose from this fall. The return of the perennially popular ‘Supernatural’ is usually good for some buddy comedy/rampaging demon action. ‘American Horror Story’, however, is probably the most highly anticipated horror show coming back to our screens. This season sees the show head into the dark and twisted world of a 1950s Freak Show, and while all we have to go on so far is this rather unsettling teaser, it seems safe to say it will probably be a terrifying excursion into a carnivalesque world that makes you want to avoid all mentions of the word circus for many years to come.



Watch the trailer for 'The Fall' here

Watch the trailer for ‘The Fall’ here

If jumping out of your seat is your only form of exercise

While there are some all-out fright fests to choose from, there’s also plenty for those who like their thrills with a little more intrigue, and a little less innards. Surprise hit ‘The Fall’ returns for season 2, as Gillian Anderson’s detective and Jamie Dornan’s unnervingly convincing serial killer continue their feverish game of cat and mouse across the bleak streets of Belfast. Political thriller addicts will of course be relieved to hear that the fourth season of ‘Homeland’ is imminent, complete with more paranoia and double-crossing than your average episode of ‘Made in Chelsea’.



It's back to the beginning with Gotham, the latest addition to the Batman franchise

It’s back to the beginning with Gotham, the latest addition to the Batman franchise

If you’re looking for a life less ordinary

Of course, as with all things, another round of shows means there will be plenty of comic-inspired material to go around. As well as the return of ‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’ and the ever-popular ‘Arrow’, there are several new entries into the fray. ‘Arrow’ spin-off ‘The Flash’ finally comes to fruition, following Barry Allen’s teasing appearances in ‘Arrow’ during its second season. If you’re looking for something a bit darker, then Batman-prequel ‘Gotham’ might be more up your alley (although I wouldn’t mention alleys around Bruce Wayne). Following the exploits of a young Detective Gordon, and the nefarious characters who will one day define Gotham, we hope the show will more than deliver on its potential. If you’ve just about gotten over the questionable Keanu Reeves adaptation, then ‘Constantine’ will also be appearing on the small screen. Fortunately, this time around it looks pretty damned (get it?) good, thanks to leading man Matt Ryan.


More beautiful people biting necks than you could shake a cross at.

Watch the official spoof trailer for Season Six above.

If you wish Twilight wasn’t over already.

Yes, we know, the end of the Twilight saga left some viewers with a Bella-and-Edward shaped hole in their loins. Fortunately, if its dark and dangerous romance you’re after, there are plenty of options available. The ever-popular ‘The Vampire Diaries’ returns for its sixth season in October, with its turn-of-the-century spin-off ‘The Originals’ also making it through for a second inning. If you like your romance with the occasional threat of decapitation, however, then you might prefer ‘Reign’. Following the life of doomed monarch Mary Queen of Scots, it features a cast far more attractive (and less pock-marked) than their real-life counterparts, and a soundtrack that any Twihard would be proud of. Season two of ‘Reign’ starts October 2nd.


Heroes in tights. It’s tragic. Watch the trailer for ‘Galavant’ above.

If you like your fairies with a bit of bite.

It’s certainly very on-trend to start reworking and rewriting fairy tales for the small screen. The episodic nature of television pairs nicely with the compact nature of the tales themselves, and gives plenty of (often gruesome) material to work with. While regulars like ‘Grimm’ and ‘Once Upon a Time’ will of course have many people excited, we’re more interested in the return of last year’s breakout hit ‘Sleepy Hollow’, and new series ‘Galavant’. Its fun take on a piece of legendary American mythology, alongside the genuinely amusing clash of cultures between the 18th and 21st century America, made ‘Sleepy Hollow’ an instant pull, and thanks to some serious cliff-hangers at the end of last season, take two looks set to be even better. ‘Galavant’s premise as a fairy tale comedy musical could go either way, but with tunes penned by Alan Menken (all the Disney) and Glenn Slater, our fingers are crossed that the end result will be truly magical.


The one with that guy from ‘Lost’. Check out the trailer for ‘Z Nation’ here.

If you like people who eat other people.

Okay, so not all of the shows we’re including here are technically about zombies, but when it comes to the living dead, it’s a bit of a risk sticking around for long enough to find out. Fortunately, if you’re looking for straight-up munching-on-your-nearest-and-dearest zombie action, TV’s got you covered. AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ is still lumbering along, arms outstretched, and while the quality seems to have dipped in recent seasons, we’ve got our half-rotten limbs crossed that it pulls things back together in season 5. Or, if you fancy a fresh zombie apocalypse (if that’s not too much of a contradiction), Sy-Fy has ‘Z Nation’ ready to hunt you down and chew your arms off. If it’s a slightly more subtle return from the Great Beyond that you’re looking for, then The Returned-esque ‘Resurrection’ and perpetually-resurrecting-detective drama ‘Forever’ might be more up your street.



Get ready to shield those eyes for the return of Peaky Blinders

If you like to live in the past.

Unlike in the classroom, there’s never a dull moment when those bods from the telly get their hands on a great tale from history. For those who like a smidge of fact throw in with their fiction, there’s plenty to look forward to. Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon-set epic ‘The Lost Kingdom’ will be making its way to the small screen, as will ‘The Great Fire’, which depicts the lives of those caught up in the eponymous fire in 16th century London. If you like your period dramas a bit grittier, however, then there’s always the return of ‘Peaky Blinders’ to look forward to. The Birmingham-set gangster drama now comes with added Tom Hardy, setting it up for a promising return after its riotous debut.


So those are some of the shows that we’re excited about here at the Eighty-Sixth Floor. For a full run-through of the shows we’re looking forward to this September, check out Grace’s new video below.