One of Jane Austen’s best-loved works, ‘Emma’ perfectly encapsulates the warmth, humour and romance that have come to define her work for over two centuries. The story of Emma’s successful (and unsuccessful) matchmaking exploits has earned a place in the hearts of readers for generations, even as she eventually finds a place for a love of her own.

‘The Music of Emma’ is a collection of the best tracks from our favourite adaptations of this classic romance. Including pieces from the 1996 film starring Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as the beautiful theme music of the excellent 2009 BBC adaptation, it’s the essential Jane Austen collection for wannabe match makers everywhere!

While we can’t deliver your very own Mr. Knightley, we can immerse you in the regency romance that you know and love. These beautiful orchestral pieces perfectly capture the wit and passion that make ‘Emma’ the classic it has deservedly become.

‘The Music of Emma’ is available now on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Spotify.