The inspiration for a thousand romances and almost as many screen adaptations, Emily Brontë’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ has been setting hearts on fire for more than 200 years. The iconic star-crossed lovers around which the story centres, the impetuous Cathy and the brooding Heathcliffe, set the standard for the kind of passionate, burning love that many an admiring reader would long for.

While it was the book that originally started those fires in the minds of readers, it was the adaptations that so perfectly captured the desolate beauty of the moors across which the pair’s sweeping romance took place. Accompanied by stunning orchestral pieces, evocative pianos, and heart-wrenching strings, ‘The Music of Wuthering Heights’ is every bit as heart-wrenching as fans would hope.

Brought together in this unique new collection, these beautiful versions of iconic tracks from the best adaptations of Brontë’s novel are a must-have for period drama fans everywhere.

‘The Music of Wuthering Heights’ is available now on Amazon and Spotify.