Spoiler Alert : For those of you who haven’t seen the new episode… It’s much better than last series !

The first episode of the new series of The Walking Dead premiered in the UK last Friday night. If you follow our twitter feed you may have seen our live tweeting during the episode. We thought it was fantastic ! Below is a little review of the episode. Contains spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet !


The Walking Dead returned to FX and British shores on Friday with a bang, a big zombie killing bang !  From the first shot that panned out to reveal a walker it was non-stop zombie killing action. Our bunch of survivors have toughened up in the few months we haven’t been with them. Carl is now offing walkers with ease as well as sporting a pudding bowl haircut, and Carol is now quite a good shot (…well not that good). In comparison to the second series opener it had a lot more action. The pace of the episode just didn’t let up. As soon as Rick had cleared the prison yard of walkers he was already planning on how to get inside the prison. It seems as though the writers are making up for a lacklustre second season by giving the audience all the claustrophobic zombie killing action it desires in as short a space as possible !

What The Walking Dead does so well is encourage it’s audience to live through the characters. When Rick was sprinting through the field of Walkers we were willing him to get there safely, yelling for him to watch out, to shoot now. The survivors picking off the walkers in the prison field while laughing and smiling was one of the standout moments of the episode. It was like they were playing COD Zombies. It seems strange that Rick once struggled with killing half a zombie (Bicycle Girl).  They’ve clearly all become proficient at dispatching the undead, now even the women are helping, there’s no more sexist Zombie Killing club (Yes, Rick is a big sexist). It was also particularly comical when our heroes simply called the zombies over to the fence before before stabbing them in the head with poles. Simple but effective. All the gore of a zombie kill without the danger of face to face combat. Of course we don’t want too many easy zombie killings, that would get boring. The writers had thought ahead and changed tack by throwing fully suited up Riot Gear Guards at our survivors which provided a great moment of panic and added a little spice to the zombie massacre.

Good Tactic !

There was so much going on it was a shock when the episode suddenly ended. The camera cut away to show us a group of armed prisoners standing only a few metres away and then the episode was over ! Definitely can’t wait for the next episode.

It seems this could possibly be the best series of The Walking Dead yet !

Questions This Episode Raised 

The biggest mystery is why did Rick chop off Hershels leg ? If everyone is infected then surely they’re not worried about Walker bites anymore ? I thought people died from Walker bites because obviously it’s a big horrible wound and normal non-zombie infection set in ? This one might require a little more research.

Who are the prisoners and how much of a danger do they pose ?

Will Lori ever stop moaning ? (e.g My baby might eat me… shut up Lori)

If you can answer any of our questions or just want to let us know what you thought of the episode we’d love to hear your thoughts !