Hurray our Sunday nights are filled once again! And, refreshingly, this series is a little different and butler-free (not that we don’t love Downton, of course).

This Sunday we saw the start of a promising 10-part series based on Philippa Gregory’s best-selling novel, ‘The White Queen.’ The story is based on Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson) a lowly girl who, with a combination of luck, good-looks (and a bit of sorcery?!), managed to win herself a place at King Edward IV’s (Max Irons) side as his queen. It is based on historical events and set during the turbulent War of the Roses of 1464.


There were some great performances, particularly from the older characters such as Elizabeth’s feisty and determined mother played by Janet McTeer. However, compared to recent productions such as Game of Thrones or The Tudors it did seem to lack some grandeur and excitement. Having said that though, the first episode has set us up what looks like a solid, entertaining series that could have a fast thickening plot to come in the next few episodes.

If your a period drama fan it’s definitely one to watch out for. If you missed the first episode make sure you catch up before next Sunday!