Revisit your love of the popular anime Tokyo Ghoul with 5 track album, Tokyo Phantoms by Shibuya Sunrise. This album is an eclectic selection of cover tracks perfect for fans of the dark anime.

Starting with cover of Licht und Schatten, keeping to it’s instrumental routes, the dramatic theme will be recognised by any Tokyo Ghoul fan.

Then, as expected by Shibuya Sunrise, Unravel is a beautiful acoustic English version of the ever popular Unravel, the main song of the series. With stunning vocals accompanied by acoustic guitar, this track is extremely different to the original and a fresh take on the song.

On My Own and Glassy Sky are more vocal covers that are very different from their original. Focusing more on the melody with piano and string accompaniment, they take a more slow and chilled approach.

The final track is an EDM mix of Shibuya Sunrise’s cover, “Unravel”. The Electronic track is featured in our CMV from ExpoManga 2016!

You can listen to the whole album on Spotify now! You can also get the tracks on Amazon and Google Play.