There is no doubt that KPop is beginning to make waves all around the world and with that popularity comes covers. There are plenty of great song covers around the internet though they may be difficult to find whilst rifling through the countless dance covers. So we’re doing the difficult and boring parts for you and taking you to only the best song covers musical KPop fans have to offer.


1.Call Me Baby – Jung Min & Daeho

If you’re even a little bit familiar with the KPop song cover world, you’ll know that Jung Min is an important factor in it. Covering KPop songs in their original language with creative, chilled versions that can really show off his fantastic vocals, he really knows what he’s doing.

Jung Min and Daeho have created this stunning version of EXO’s Call Me Baby, combining both incredible voices with a relaxing acoustic band accompaniment. You should definitely take a listen.


2. WHISTLE – Jason Chen x Arden Cho

So hands up who watched Teen Wolf. Well then you’ll most certainly recognise American/Korean actress Arden Cho who joins YouTube cover artist Jason Chen in this combined English\Korean cover of BLACKPINK’s hit Whistle.

I think they did BLACKPINK justice with this cover song along with providing a fun and cute video to go with it.


3. Butterfly – Jannine Weigel

So there’s no doubt that BTS has taken the KPop world by storm in the last couple years, releasing high quality songs and albums, stunning videos and excellent live performances.

Though there are plenty of BTS song covers out there, Jannine Weigel’s stands out as one of the best. A gentle, piano cover with her calming and soft voice fits the song ‘Butterfly’ perfectly. Add that to a beautifully shot performance video and you have a winner (not the KPop band).


4. Eat – iPlay 

iPlay is a talented group of YouTube musicians who put out great cover after cover along with some original songs. Their cover of Zion.T’s Eat follows the original’s laid back vibe but with a twist. Swapping the unique vocals of the original artist for two female and one male voice, the newly created harmonies give a wonderful new feel to the already great song. (The only think missing are Zion.T inspired glasses ;))


5. I’m the Best (French Version) – LUX

KPop is not just popular in Korea but all around the world so we’re not just including English and Korean covers here!

LUX’s French cover of one of the most prolific female groups to hit the Korean pop scene is great for those French speaking fans who want something catered more to them. She has a great voice and delivery whilst keeping her videos fun and entertaining. So even though 2ne1 are sadly split, there are always cover artists like LUX who keep them alive!


6. Why So Lonely – Shibuya Sunrise

Another cover of a veteran girl group, Shibuya Sunrise’s cover of Wonder Girls’ ‘Why So Lonely’ takes the original, keeping the guitar-centric summer vibes and changing the lyrics to English. With unique vocals, this version is perfect if you love the song but may want something a little different. Shibuya Sunrise also create Anime tracks, check them out on Twitter here!


7. Monster (R&B English Version) – Jason Ray

Here’s a version that extremely different from the original! Not only has Jason Ray produced an English language cover but a creative and original one that EXO fans will surely love. With his R&B, soulful voice and launchpad remix style accompaniment, this talented cover artist is certainly one to watch and subscribe to.


8. Stop Stop It (하지하지마) –  Daeho, Hoony

Yep! Here’s another Jung Min track….but he’s really good ok! This time he has the help of Hoony in the rap verses, keeping to his usual chill vibe and changing the GOT7 original into something cool and refreshing.


9. Eyes Nose Lips – Akdong Musician

Okay, I know AKMU are TECHNICALLY not ‘KPop fans’ but this cover of Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips was just too good to miss out.


10. Half Moon – Silv3rT3ar

Silv3rT3ar’s cover of Half Moon by Dean really shows of her soft, gentle voice and what a pleasure it is to listen to. With simple harmonies and a bit of reverb, switching her female vocals from Dean’s usual male gives the song a welcome twist. She even nails the rap!