Science Fiction films have always pushed the boundaries of cinema, since George Mieles  released Le Voyage Dans Lune (Journey to the Moon) in 1902 – the genre has consistently amazed audiences across the world.

Equally science fiction films have brought out the best in composers and orchestrators across the years. Our collection focuses on many of the more recent pieces of cinema and composition but highlights several amazing composers, including James Horner (Avatar), John Williams (Star Wars, AI) and Danny Elfman (Terminator Salvation).

We’ve also included several television themes that have had an unmistakeable impact on the genre Firefly, Babylon 5, Stargate SG1. We hope you enjoy some of our more low key choices such as Source Code, Surrogates and The Book of Eli as well – all films well worth checking out that also demonstrate the genre is in rude health for both film-making and scoring!

The album is available on iTunes now and we’d love to hear your thoughts, in our comments section or on Facebook.