Relive Yuki, Zero and Kaname’s twisted love triangle as they struggle with the conflicting worlds of vampires and humans in the all consuming world of  Vampire Knight, a major Manga and Anime series from Japan.

This five track album contains instrumental tracks based on the Anime series soundtrack. With tracks dedicated to Yuri, Zero and Kaname experience the differing emotions and distinct character traits of each protagonist. Let the themes immerse you in the world of Vampire Knight and allow yourself to become involved with the darker side of humanity… and Vampirism. The gothic soundscape will have your  heart beating and breathing ragged as tension and subtle suggestion of danger lurk in every note. Vampire Knight album will certainly satisfy your yearning for extra involvement with the great anime series. For those who love the original manga, these tracks will add an extra dimension to your reading experience.

This five track album is available to download on iTunes now. We’d love to know your thoughts and feelings about the album so please comment and discuss your favourite tracks !


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