AMC recently created a Walking Dead character test for fans to find out who their Walking Dead Personality was.

Well we couldn’t resist taking the test and made everybody else in the office take it too so we could see if we’d be as good as Rick’s group of survivors. Here’s our results:

Osh – Director

daryl new


Lisa – Head of Design

lori test result


Harriet – Marketing and Promotions Executive

rick rick rick


Homay – Music Production Executive

rick rick rick


Kate – Marketing and Promotions Executive

andrea test result


Millie – Music Production Executive

lori test result


Chris – Music Production Intern

lori test result

So we seem to have more than our fair share of Rick’s and Lori’s, which raises one question, who’s the leader in this Ricktatorship ? At least we have a Daryl to shoot squirrels for us !

Find out who your Walking Dead Personality is here.

Don’t forget to post your results in the comments below !