Here at the Eighty Sixth Floor, we love a good convention. Having rocked out an awesome CMV at LFCC back in July, we can’t wait to throw ourselves back into the scrum at LFCCW on the 18th.

Here are some of the reasons we’re so darned excited.

still-of-sam-neill,-ariana-richards-and-joseph-mazzello-in-jurassic-park-(1993)-large-picture7. Feeling a Bit Long in the Tooth?

Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs! DINOSAURS! Yes, we just can’t get enough of those scaly, toothy buggers, and with a new movie on the way, this is the perfect time to revisit your love of the original trilogy. Star of the original Jurassic Park Ariana Richards will be in attendance this year, giving you the chance to find out exactly what it was like to spend your summer holidays fleeing from giant reptiles instead of, you know, spending a week half-board in Corfu.


6. Let’s Go Comic Zone!

LFCCW wouldn’t be LFCCW without the comics. There are some big hitters setting up stall in the Comic Zone this time around, with original Wolverine designer Herbe Trimpe and V for Vendetta’s David Lloyd hitting the floor. While the legendary Stan Lee won’t be making it this time around, one of the best things about LFCC is getting to just wander through the aisles, and meet some of the great British newcomers onto the comic scene. In July we met creator Fwah Storm, a British comic writer and artist whose work was featured as our first Creator Spotlight video. Check out Part One of the interview below:


5. Dr Who?


A staple of the convention circuit, Dr Who always manages to throw a few goodies and baddies into the LFCC mix. At this year’s LFCCW guests include Ross Mullan (The Teller in ‘Time Heist’), Peter Ferdinando (Half-Face Man in ‘Deep Breath’) and Catrin Stewart (Jenny Flint), so fans of Peter Capaldi’s incarnation will have plenty to keep them occupied.

If you like your Doctors a little more old school, however, there’s always the chance to meet the sixth Doctor himself, Colin Baker, as well as former assistants including Peter Purves, Nicola Bryant and Wendy Padbury. With the new series by now well under way, it should be a great chance to meet the actors who inspire the mythology, and probably to pick up some quality merch as well.

4. Battle Star Galacti-Stars


Undoubtedly one of the best sci-fi series ever made, Battlestar Galactica is always a huge fan favourite, and London Film and Comic Con Winter continues this summer’s brilliant cast showing. While in July Galactites were given the chance to rub shoulders with Jamie Bamber and Edward James Olmos, October sees Michael Trucco (Anders) and Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) take to the signing desks. While there was some initial controversy regarding Sackhoff’s casting as the originally-male Lt. Starbuck, she’s established herself firmly as one of the best characters in Galactica Lore, and a badass role-model for female sci-fi fans everywhere. Not bad going for a self-confessed ‘girly-girl’.


3. Cosplayers of the World, Unite!

The most fun element of any convention has to be the cosplayers, and LFCCW is no exception. As always, the cosplay masquerade will be a massive draw, but this year’s group efforts should also pull quite the crowd. Any X-Men cosplayers out there may be interested in joining (or at least witnessing) the Guinness World Record Attempt for X-Men Cosplayers (more information about which can be found on the official Facebook event). We even hear rumours of a 22-strong Walking Dead meet-up in the works. Better get those cameras ready!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be working on a brand new Cosplay Music Video at this weekend’s even, so in the mean time, check out what we got up to during the summer.


2. The Fisher Queen


Of course, it wouldn’t be LFCC without the brilliant Carrie Fisher heading up the signing roster. Legendary female lead in three Star Wars movies (and counting), Fisher’s Princess Leia Organa is still the iconic female sci-fi character as far as many fans are concerned, and given the swathes of pretenders to the throne that have since appeared, her longevity is no mean feat. While much of that is of course down to her fantastic original performances, her ongoing relationship with fans of the series makes her a firm favourite amongst the ‘Warrers’ community, and one of the biggest draws for the upcoming movie Star Wars: Episode VII.

1. Acceptable in the 80s


While franchises like Star Wars are regular attendees on the convention circuit, this year’s LFCCW is also a heaven for fans of 80s cinema in general. Heading up the roster is star of The Karate Kid and Crossroads Ralph Macchio. His exploits as the victim-turned-champion Daniel LaRusso earned him the respect and love of audiences the world over, and the legacy of his triumphs over adversity make him one of the best teen icons of that decade. His appearance at LFCCW marks his first ever European convention appearance, so it’s fair to say he’ll be a pretty big draw.

Speaking of teen icons, Alan Ruck’s return to the UK will also be a big hit for fans of the Brat Pack. His turn as downtrodden rich kid (and champion of flu sufferers everywhere) Cameron Frye was one of the many amazing things about Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and we’re massively excited that he’ll be attending. Just don’t let him near your wheels.

If all that’s not enough, there’s even the chance to grab a photo on Indie’s famous motorbike. It’s an 80s movie love fest, and we can’t wait.


LFCCW takes place from the 18-19th October at London’s Earl’s Court 2.

Advance tickets are sold out, but more will be available to buy on the door. For more information, visit the official LFCCW website.